New invention - Final Cut - has anyone used it?

brussoFebruary 24, 2009

I saw a demo on a new invention called 'final cut'. It is a round piece of sand paper with stickem on the back side that attaches to a circular saw blade - miter saw, table saw, or a radial arm saw. Its features will sand a piece of stock as it cuts the piece. It looked pretty cool, comes in different grits and sizes. But, before I spend $27 for 4 pieces, I want to see if anyone has experience with this product. See

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Haven't tried it, but it looks to me like an extraordinarily dumb idea. Please save your money.

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The concept sounds like a good recipe for a kickback accident using a rip fence. If you try this, make sure the anti-kickback fingers are in place. I'll bet OSHA and ANSI would not approve this product for use with a rip fence. If this is a legit product that is certified and listed for use in industry, it may only be allowed for cross-cutting with the sled. Better read more about it.

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Looks interesting to me...I can see where it could be very useful when attempting precise trim fits; wouldn't have to bring a cut piece to the belt sander to fine tune a cut.

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