baseboard has top profile - can I add a basecap?

yellowpupsFebruary 11, 2011

My current baseboard is 1 piece with top profile. I want to add a basecap to it to dress it up and make it taller (and I don't like the current profile). I don't want the expense of buying new basboard. Is there a way that I can add a basecap to the top that overlays the existing profile? (I plan to remove all baseboard in order to have floors refinished, so this woulod be the time to do it.) Thanks for any/all advice!

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Anything is possible. Better question---Is it feasible?

Two ways to do what you want. Both require some basic but expensive woodworking tools. A table saw and a router w/table are the minimum requirements.

1. Cut off the part you don't like and add what you do like.

2. Try to find a router bit that has the reverse profile of the present molding and route new to cover.

Now, that was the easy part. The hard part is to match the color/tone of the old molding and the added sections. That takes a great deal of experience with finishing.

So, could you do what you want? Yes, but it would wind up being much more expensive than buying/finishing/installing new base molding.

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