Fixing a desk

nosambosFebruary 11, 2008

I bought a desk from craig's list. It is L-shaped and one of the legs is too long. It has a formica top on very heavy particle board. I have neither the tools or the talent to deal with cutting it myself but I do need to have some questions answered before I track down someone who can fix it. I want a staight cut across the board without chipping the formica. I would guess that one should use a small tooth blade and tape the formica. Should the formica be up or down? What size blade? Hand held saw or fixed saw? After it is cut I want the formica already on the edge to be reused rather than try to find a matching color. Given that it is partcle board wouldn't soaking it release the formica after a couple days? I'm in Cleveland Ohio so if anyone actually can suggest where to take I would be most appreciative. Thanks

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This is one of those jobs that can be done with any of several tools, so long as it is done with some finesse. If you're not going to do it yourself then I'm not sure I'd worry about the details of how to do it. Where in Cleveland are you?

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I'm in Cleveland Heights. I worry about the details because I might find someone who says they can do it but lacks the expertise. If I know what needs to be dome I can question them closely before I turn over the project.

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I understand your desire to be careful, but it's entirely possible to use the "right" tools and still make a hack job out of it. You need to find someone who does nice work, carefully describe the finished product you want, and let them get it done their own way.

I'm way out on the West side; sorry, but I can't recommend someone local.

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Maybe a cabinet shop could help you. I would think they are the best equipped to cut something like this. There is a place in Medina called Cabinet-S-Top. Number is 1-800-886-3630. They are a family cabinet shop and work in all sort of materials. They are really nice guys and maybe they can help you or guide you with who to go to.

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