Unable to close pella architect double hung windows

vittorio_2010June 10, 2012

I had them installed about a month ago. I have been opening and closing them pretty much every day. Today when I tried to close one it did not move at all. The bottom window was open all the way up and now left side (the string looking thing) seems to be locked up. I tried opening the locks on top and wiggling a little but it won't budge. Any help resolving this issue?

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Have you recently tried to tilt the window in to clean?

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No, but after I started having this issue, I have tilted and snapped it back few times to see if it had anything to do with that. It did not resolve my issue.

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Cords can come off the pulley on a block and tackle balance (rarely), causing binding. Alternatively, trim nails that are too long can be driven into the spring, inhibiting movement, but you'd think you would have noticed something right away, unless it was right at the verge of contact.

In any event, instead of diagnosing this yourself, you probably just want to get the product serviced. It should be covered by warranty(?).

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Pella was nice enough to send a technician. He noticed that one of the screws (part of the window) was sticking out and was interfering with the operation of the window. He removed to bottom panel and fastened the screw (located in the middle). Props to Pella for quick response.

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Nice enough hell they are only a month old. If they will not service them then I would hate to call in a year!

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Glad they took care of it, but as millworkman said, that is not above and beyond service.

That should not have been an issue from the start but stuff does get missed from time to time. At the end of the day, they did and handled the situation like they should have.

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