15 amp recptacle on 20 amp wiring?

zevjoeFebruary 12, 2010

My new dishwasher (120v 15amp) is a plug in model, so I've converted my direct wire 20 amp line (three wires: black, white and red) into an outlet by attaching a 15 amp receptacle to it. I've been told that as long as you use a lower amp receptacle, then it is "fine". My question is if anyone has any experience with this type of wiring and could comment on this advice and safety aspects.

Thank you

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As long as there is more than one receptacle on the circuit using 15 amp devices is allowed.

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Ron Natalie

Hopefully there's a bare or green wire there as well. You can strip or paint green one of the other wires if not, but you need to take special attention to how that wire is terminated on the other end as well.

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Its not legal if its just a single outlet not duplex receptacle you used ( one place to plug into vs. two places to plug into). Also watch out if your newer dishwasher has a deeper comparment than your older one making it very hard to unplug the cord (if the outlet is located directly behind the dishwasher) and should no longer be considered a disconnect. This does not apply though if you already have a disconnecting means within sight of the dishwasher usually found as a switch above the countertop or also could be located in the sink cabinet.

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