running electric to a Mobile mini unit

acokpiFebruary 11, 2013

I have a 60amp box running to an out building from the house. getting a temorary mobile mini unit that has a 100amp panel box. Can I run an appropriate gauge wire from the 60 amp to the 100 amp sub panel? I only need 40 amps in the mobile unit.

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Ron Natalie

You can put subpanels that are larger in capacity than your feeder is. That's fine. You must put a breaker in the feeding panel sized to the ampacity of the feeder wires, so if 40A is what you need you can use #8 copper in the feeder and a 40A breaker. If you actually have 40A of load (as opposed to needing a 40A feeder), you may wish to size things up to #6 and a 60A feeder breaker.

I don't know what a "mobile mini unit" is, but I suspect you may need to install a grounding system for it as well.

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