Adding a second outlet to existing 220 circuit

dlr98004February 3, 2010

We are moving our duel fuel range (gas stove/electric oven). The existing outlet was on a wall that has been removed. The existing 220 wire (very thick!) has been pulled back to another nearby wall with plenty of length to install an outlet (it comes about 4' up out of the floor). We planned to use this 220 outlet as a "junction box" and run a new 220 wire about 18 feet so we can install a second 220 outlet there. The new location is where we want our stove/oven.

We thought the old junction box/outlet would come in handy if someone wanted a second oven over there.

Does that plan sound feasible?

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Having a junction box in the nearby wall isn't a problem, as long as it remains accessible (not buried in a wall). However, you can't hook multiple devices such as a second oven to the same circuit. Before extending this circuit, be sure that the wire and circuit breaker (new and existing) meet the requirements of the new stove/oven.

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