I made these tiles for the bathroom

dabunchAugust 10, 2009

Whatcha think?

I used ceramic unfinshed tiles (the ones you buy at a ceramics place to finish).

I used polymer clay to give it a 3-D effect.

I used FIMO liquid gel to make sure the polymer clay stuck to the ceramic tile. Baked the tiles. Painted, baked again. Used Polymer clay gloss for topcoat.

I didn't have much time. I'm so tired of the same ole tiles. I wanted a different look, not too perfect... a little Feng Shui-the 2 swans. These will go into the insert that fits into the side of the tub (in case a plumber will need access later ;)

I will post pics when all installed. I'm bit scared.......never did this before.

The worst that can happen is the insert will have to be redone-lol


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Ole Mole! Your tiles look really beautiful, what a good job you did. Show them with pride, it's gonna look awesome!

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I love these. You have done a beautiful job. I have never thought of using pc and building up a relief. What a grand idea. I am anxious to see them installed.

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Wonderful! Like I said I LOVE PC.
Remember you can always "stamp" or carve texture to them but what you have done is so classic, and even a bit "retro", I really love them.

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LOVELY JOB!!! Way to go!!!!

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WOW!! Very beautiful!!!!! Please show pics when done!!!

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How clever. Very nice, classy design. Wouldn't have thought of adding texture to those basic tiles w/it. We sure learn lots of tips on this forum. Thanks for that one.

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