Electrical Box Wiring Question

omahagirlFebruary 5, 2010


I am moving a wall light fixture in my bathroom (House built in 1976). Below is a picture of the current electrical box and the wiring. There are three thin wires on the right side of the box running up and down (into and out of the box). I donÂt know the purpose of these wires. There is an old phone jack to plug a phone in the wall so I am wondering if that is why they are there.

So I donÂt know if I should cut these three thin wires, cap them, remove the box and patch the hole after I move the box and fixture, or is I should just leave them in the box, leave the current box in the wall and patch over it or put some type of cover over it?

I also have a question about the ground wire. There is no ground wire coming out of the main line. There is the white line, the black line, and then it looks like another black line that has been cut very short. Is this the ground wire?

I would appreciate any advice you can give me!


Photo of the electrical box can be found at the following link:


Here is a link that might be useful:

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The cables entering do not look to be secured to the box by a mandatory box connector. The ground wire does not look to be attached to the box. The other smaller black cables could be phone, doorbell, speaker, thermostat, only you can know that. If you're stripping the finished wall covering down to the studs it should be easy to trace the source of the mystery cable. BTW, that box is called a utility or handy box and is normally not used where there is studding to attach to. Where the cables enter and leave that box through the round holes (knockouts) you MUST have box connectors to secure all cables. You can either decommission the box or fix it.

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