Diff types of oak finishes....whats the diff?

ereedFebruary 17, 2008

Ok, I'm looking to buy a bookcase and I want the finish to match my desk. My desk is oak but I do not know if its honey oak, medium oak, or rye finish. Is there a way to tell before I buy anything online? Here is a pic of my desk, can you tell me what color oak it is?

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Every manufacturer assigns their own name to finishes. Your piece appears to be what most would refer to as Honey Oak.

I suggest you ask for a finish sample, they may or may not be able to supply one.

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These are all marketing terms. They will differ both by manufacturer and even on the species of wood that you are applying to (e.g., red oak, white oak, ash, etc, that may all look similar until stained).

The only way to match is to run some samples, including your top coat. The wood, the stain(s) and the finish all contribute color to the result. Some manufacturers now sell fast food ketchup-sized trial packs for just this purpose. Most will cover 8"x8" sample boards.

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