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stanley606June 8, 2010

I plan on building a home next spring and would like some help deciding on a window brand. I have narrowed exterior down to aluminum clad or fiberglass. I want wood interiors, every company that I have looked at offers these. Here are the sizes:

3'0 x 5'0 double hung: quantity 9

3'0 x 6'6 double hung: quantity 4

2'0 x 3'0 double hung: quantity 2

3'3 x 3'6 casement: quantity 1

3'0 x 6'6 round top over double hung: quantity 2

1 bay window over soaking tub

1 palladian window above front entrance

The brands I have looked and priced are Marvin Integrity, Weathershield Fiberglass, Sun Windows with aluminum clad and Hurd aluminum clad and Jeld Wen Traditions. I have read a lot on here about window specs but would like to hear personal opinions of each. I know many window problems come from improper installation, but that will not be an issue. Please help with some advice, I want this to my first and only home and want to do it right the first time (not to sound too much like Mike Holmes). My budget is around 13k-15k and all have fallen in that price point so far. I thank you in advance.

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Marvin is going to be the best of that group. I would avoid anything by Hurd.

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Does Hurd make an inferior product compared to Marvin? Anyone had a bad experience with Hurd? I haven't heard anything good or bad with Sun, but their ratings are very good, so I wanted to keep them on my list.

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A quick Google search will turn up a long history of problems with Hurd windows.

Who has rated Sun?

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I just meant u-factor, sghc, etc as far as ratings. I know they are a smaller company, with smaller sales, so fewer people to post on like or dislike.

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Choosing windows based on U-factors and SHGC is a common mistake consumers make when shopping for windows. That method is a little like choosing an automobile based on fuel economy. Using that criteria a Kia would rate higher than a Lexus.

Some of the things that need to be considered also are air infiltration rates, water penetration, structural rating, warranties, installation quality, manufacturers reputation for consistent quality and customer service.

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So out of the list, you feel that the Integrity product is the best of the group... is there another brand of window along the same price range that I am missing? I was away from home for a couple days, sorry for the late reply. Thanks for your insight though.

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Fiberglass is going to be your best choice for the long term. You could take a look at Milgard if they are available in your area but I think you are going to be hard pressed to purchase anything but a mid grade vinyl window in the price range you have set.

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Wow this is frustrating... I had exterior either being alum. clad or fiberglass. I understand that fiberglass would expand and contract at the same rate as the glass itself, so it should provide the best seal. I guess I could expand my budget a little depending on how much. The companies I have read for fiberglass are the Marvin Integrity, Milgard and Weathershield. You said that the Integrity is the best of the brands I had listed. I don't have a Milgard dealer in my area, but I'm sure they would deliver for a price. Weathershield a good product, but not as nice as the Marvin?

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