Front Door Peephole/Viewer

UpgradeResearchJune 16, 2013

Has anyone found a discreet/effective solution for determining who is at your front door?

It seems like many of the peepholes and electronic viewers on the market suffer from a variety of problems, such as: low quality/reliability, poor/fuzzy/foggy resolution, blind spots, aesthetic/size obstacles, installation difficulties, privacy/security concerns, usability issues, etc.

I would really like to find a device that was relatively easy to install, worked well under various weather conditions (such as bright sunlight, darkness, rain, etc.), was reliable, convenient, discreet, and secure.

Any suggestions?

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Either a closed circuit camera or a sidelite (lol).

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I used a closed circuit camera and a DVD screen (5x7) that is used in the headrests of cars. The screens come with a mounting bezel that I installed in the sheet rock wall, near the door. Get a 12v power supply at Radio Shack.

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Maybe install a system of well place mirrors or you could just say, "who is it?"

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