installing casablanca w84 wall switch

fabillardFebruary 16, 2013

hi all. have a question. i installed a casablanca holliston fan and im trying to install the wall switch that came with it (model w84).
the wires coming out of the switch are a black, a black with a white stripe in it, a red which is capped that the manual tells u not to use and a green wire. the manual tells you to hook the black wire with white stripe from the switch to the power source black wire coming from wall and black wire from switch to the other black wall wire. it also says to connect the green to the bare wire. well all i have coming out of the wall is a black, white, a bare wire and red (yes its 14/3 wire that is not used cause the fan switch splits the power between the light kit and fan). i dont have a second black wire coming in that they tell you to use. do i hook black/white stripe wire from the switch to black from wall, the black from switch to the white from the wall and the green to the bare wire from the wall? any assistance would be appreciated.

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Ron Natalie

Most likely what you have here is a "switch loop", the power runs to the fan box and then is fed down to you (if they obeyed the code) on the white wire. The black wire then is the feed to the fan motor.

Of course, that presumed that whowever installed this the first time followed the rules. Some checking with a meter will verify the issue (the white wire should be at 120V and the black at zero).

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