Help me change the receptacle on an extension cord

joann23456February 5, 2010

I need a very short extension cord with just one receptacle, instead of the usual three. I have changed out the plugs on extension cords before, and I figured it would be similar, but I ended up with a part and no instructions. Can someone help?

When I open up the replacement receptacle, there are two screws, one gold and one silver. There's an arrow pointing to the silver side that says "strip" and an an arrow on the gold side that says "gage". The receptacle is 15A 125V and rated for light duty, as is the extension cord.

The extension cord is a simple 2-prong cord. I cut it, and both wires are copper-colored.

I'm trying to figure out which side of the cord goes into which side of the receptacle. Ribbed side to ???

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Ribbed = neutral

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Thanks, but I need more information! Does the neutral wire go on the side that says "strip" or the side that says "gage"?

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That's one word 'strip gage', there should be a line there showing how much insulation to strip of the end of the wire.

The neutral wire goes on the larger blade and the hot goes on the smaller blade.

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the "strip" is just a gauge of how much of the insulation to strip off. white wire goes to silver screw, blk. wire goes to brass screw and dont forget green goes to green screw. some of the cheaper recptls. use gold cromate as the brass screws and zinc plated screws for the silver. (zinc with clear cromate plated screws will have a blue tint to it.Also the silver screw sideis the longer slot of the recptl.and each screw is connected by a metal jumper.

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Ribbed to silver screw, smooth to darker screw. Twist the wire counterclockwise, then wrap around the screw clockwise. Make sure no extraneous pieces of wire are sticking out from either screw.

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