Help! New Jatoba bartop has oil splotches on it

peachymomoFebruary 19, 2012

My mother is having the kitchen in one of her properties renovated and she just had a beautiful 12' x 16" piece of Jatoba installed as a bar, it looks great but a couple of her friends who like to use olive oil as hand lotion came in and put their oily hands on the unfinished wood and now there are splotches on the brand new bar. The carpenters tried to sand them out and they aren't as noticeable as they were but I can still see them and it's driving me crazy. Can anything be done? I've heard of rubbing Teak with tung or linseed oil, could we rub down the Jatoba with oil to camouflage the stains before putting the finish on it? My fear is that the faint blotches will be much more noticeable once the polyurethane is applied. Can anything be done?

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Might try semi flooding the spots with alcohol to dissolve the oils. Or paint thinner.

Neither will hurt the wood, other than raise the grain a bit, mbut a couple swipes with a hand sanding block will solve that.

Adding more oil may impact the finish, whatever that will be.

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