can you paint vinyl replacement windows?

mom2kryptoJune 5, 2010

Hi everyone; new here. My home is only 5 years old and came with vinyl windows from MI Windows and Doors. They have been a nightmare (they leak) from day one...rep has been out "fixing" them over and over, blah, blah, blah. I consulted a lawyer only to find out that suing them would not be cost effective. Looks like the most recent fixes are holding up at least for now, except for the large double window with the arched transom in the master bedroom. (Alas it is a second floor room and hard to get to.) Water leaked in, damaging drywall, etc. I threw myself on the grenade and ordered a Renewal by Anderson replacement unit to the tune of 5K. Color choices were limited and I thought white would be okay. My bad! Came home yesterday and the first time I saw it from the street I nearly crashed my car. Burst into tears. It looks like the dickens...stands out like a sore thumb and the caulking they did looks as though it was done by a 5 year old. Here's my question...can I just hire a painter to fix the caulking and paint the vinyl so it doesn't stand out? Or do I have to tear the whole new window out and get a different replacement in a different color? (Marvin maybe?) Can they be painted? Does anyone know? Help! Thanks in advance...

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If you are asking if you can paint a Renewal by Andersen Window, the answer is yes. It is a wood composite and painting will be fine. It is not recommended that you paint a vinyl windowas it is likely you will void the warranty. With all the issues you are having with MI, you don't need that headache.

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I don't know what windows Renewal by Andersen sells but for the Andersen Woodwright my catalog says:



* Painting and staining may cause damage to rigid vinyl.

* Products in Sandtone or Terratone color may be painted any color lighter than Terratone using quality oil-base or latex paint. Submit color samples to Andersen for approval when painting white. Submit color samples to Andersen for approval when painting Sandtone or Terratone any color darker than Terratone.

* Do not paint Forest Green exteriors.

* Creosote-based stains should not come in contact with Andersen products.

* Do not paint weatherstipping.

* Abrasive cleaners or solutions containing corrosive solvents should not be used with Andersen products.

* For vinyl painting instructions and preparation, contact your Andersen supplier.

* Andersen does not warranty the adhesion of paint to vinyl.


Assuming that you got a warranty from Renewal by Andersen, I'd check that for restrictions in painting.

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The OP wasn't asking about the Woodwright Window. Since the Renewal isn't a vinyl nor wood window it is permissable to paint it. Quoted from the Renewal by Andersen Warranty inregards to what can void the warranty.

"any painting or staining not performed in accordance with Renewal by Andersen painting or staining guidelines, caulking, except"............

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Thanks so much for your thoughful responses. I feel a lot better knowing I can get them painted!

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