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blooper303August 21, 2010

Hi All. New to the Forums.

The subject is about coloring grout with ICI (the brand) Universal tints that paint stores use when mixing cans of paint. I used some once in a mosaic class, and the instructor could well afford it at the cost of something like $30 a quart. I am ready to splurge big time, and know it will last my lifetime. I was impressed at how a little bit went a long way to make intense colors. She must have a paint store connection because I have yet to find it available to me. A set of primary colors is what I want. I am through with using bottles or tubes of acrylic paint as they give inferior results due to the low amount of pigment contained in them.

So the questions are:

1. Has anyone used the ICI Universal paint tints in grout, and if so, an idea how would I go about getting them?

2. Has anyone used Mixol universal tint in grout? If so, what type of grout: fortified, like sanded Polyblend grout; or regular sanded grout with admix?

FYI: Mixol has no binder, like in an acrylic paint.

And while I'm at it....

3. Does anyone know the result of adding admix to an already fortified grout like Polyblend? Would it be too sticky...set up too quickly?

I know about Tints-All, which has titanium dioxide in it, also expensive, and maybe would not last as long.

So, here are some heavy tech questions. Tell me what you can, please.

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I was hoping someone w/respond to your question w/more info than I have. I only know about the Tints-All. I used their website to order several tubes. I didn't find them expensive at all. I was told by a mosaic artist way back when I first started mosaicing that Tints-All was the only colorant that wouldn't fade in outside projects. Since that's where my interests lie now, if I wanted to color grout, that's the one I would use. I quit coloring grout a few yrs. back. I use only gray, charcoal or black, using Mapei Keracolor (found at Lowes) Pearl Gray and Black to get the shade I want. Re the question of adding admix to already fortified grout, I suppose you'll have to experiment. The only time I use admix is when I use a thinset that I bought several yrs ago that wasn't Mapei polymer modified. Why would you want to add admix to Polyblend? If you want sticky, I sometimes mix half grout and half mortar for grout - VERY sticky. Hope this helps.

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