Windows for Creole-style home

texas_cajunJune 24, 2013

We are building new construction in an old neighborhood (tore down a dilapidated home) and as a result, want the new house to fit in. I want wood windows (no cladding). We have bids from Windsor (Pinnacle) and Jeld-Wen. I really wanted a bid from Kolbe & Kolbe, but their area rep hasn't responded to calls or emails from my builder for a month, and frankly I'm afraid to work with them now even if they do give us a bid.

I didn't even price Marvin Ultimates because they will be so far out of our budget based on what I've read here and I really don't want fiberglass. I know the Windsors and Jeld-Wens are really not that popular around here, but our neighborhood simply won't support a $50,000 window budget for a 3500 sq. ft. house from a resale perspective. Given those options, what would you pick?

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I'd price out more windows , look at the Marvin's and some of the Andersen's as well.
You really should consider a window that is clad.
Keep in mind Kolbe, and Jeld-Wen and others have more that 1 line of window and pricing can vary greatly.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

What part of the wood do you like?

There are options for windows that will be wood to the interior and either clad or composite to the exterior.

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Kolbe in a Sterling will not be much cheaper at all than Marvin Ultimates and I would also agree to expand you search and stay away from Jeldwen and or Windsor. They may not be popular for other reasons then resale (quality, especially in your climate).

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We got a reasonable (only 2k over budget) from Kolbe for Heritage Traditional. I went to see them and they are lovely! We are going to order. Thanks for the advice!

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Good choice, please let us know when in an share some pictures please.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Millworkman saves the day again.

Definitely post up some before and after pictures.

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Ok, I got some more information from the builder today and now I have another question - we can upgrade to the Kolbe Sterling for $2,500.00. The quote we received already was given to us with a "no fingerjoints" option included, which added about $3,750.00 to the price. Can someone tell me if the "no fingerjoints" option is something that matters? If not, I'd probably rather have the concealed jambliners.

I realize that $2,500 isn't a huge deal, but the Traditional line is already over budget, so my husband is saying no to just paying to upgrade to Sterling.

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I would take the no FJ option myself which would mean the wood would all be one piece as opposed to multiple small pieces joined together. Whereas the concealed jambliner is slightly performance and more appearance.

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