Window World, Milgard, and these are my options?

KCRemodelerJune 14, 2011

Due to recent hail damage, I was given compensation from insurance to replace 5 double hung windows on the back of the house. Home was built in 1990, all windows are original wood, some experiencing wood rot, others not bad, and I expect to be here 10 yrs. House value around $375k.

Seems to me that there is a huge gap in the window market. I was quoted a price for vinyl replacements from Window World (cheap) and a price for fiberglass from Milgard (way high). What insurance adjuster wrote up for the wood replacement was higher than the vinyl, but much much lower than the fiberglass. So, couple questions...

i'm under the impression that fiberglass windows will outlast my intended needs for this house - 10 yrs? Does this not sound like the right product for me?

Irritated that the only other reasonable option is vinyl and this means replacing ALL the windows on the back of the house unless I want unsightly white windows against my beige trim on only a few windows. Really, these are my options?

I'm between $250 for a double hung window vinyl (window world) or $1500 fiberglass (milgard). What is a good compromise for someone who wants a decent window for 10 yrs but doesn't want to come that far out of pocket for fiberglass replacements? Appreciate any help you can give, I'm new to windows!! Thanks!

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Lots of options. Most vinyl window manufacturers offer a variety of colors on the exterior so you aren't stuck with just white windows. You can also get much better quality than WW. If you like fiberglass, I'd look around some more. You may be able to do a little better on the price.

Lots of middle ground between those 2 windows.

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Is there a vinyl company that can do white on the inside and a different color outside? That's what I really need. WW told us this isn't possible due to the way that the lamination process works. If you know otherwise, I'd like some names of brands that can do this!
thanks for your help!

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There's a lot of vinyl window manufacturers that offer exterior colors. Simonton, Soft-lite, Amsco, MGM, as well as many others. Why not get on the phone and make a few calls?

Expect to see more vinyl windows offered in colors in the future as paint manufacturers see a huge market ahead and many are now offering paint that is AAMA tested and certified. These new paints have very highly reflective coatiings that prevent warping from heat build up and are pretty resistant to fading.

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