One gem box enough for kitchen track lighting?

MrsBungaloonieFebruary 7, 2012


I am a brand new member and my husband and I have just purchased our first house. A Spanish bungalow built in 1925.

We had to get the whole house rewired immediately for safety reasons. The inspector found several spots where the original knob and tube wiring was chewed by rats, (house was just tented by exterminators and treated for termites and rodents),resting on wood joists that were singed. When I asked what he would do, he said he wouldn't let his family sleep there for one night and that the place was a fire trap.We had a second and then third opinion that all said it was a miracle the place hadn't burned down.

So, our budget went all into the rewire and left no money for the crazy kitchen drop ceiling with a fluorescent square light. Ok, we decided on track lights on the original, higher ceiling for now and knocked out the drop ceiling. My sister suggested I ask for two gem boxes for the long galley kitchen, since we had already been priced for 6 pots. The electrician told me one would be enough.

Now I'm finally at the stage where I can look for lights and they all seem to be "low voltage". Does this mean all track lighting is dim, like for accent lighting? Because I need real work lighting. We had several drops and different kinds of lights I wanted hanging from the track. Did I make a mistake? Do I need two boxes?

We haven't had the final "finish inspection" yet because of the three zillion holes we had to patch around the new boxes. If one box in the kitchen ceiling is enough I would love it because the electrician underbid himself not knowing what a nightmare our house was and he is less than cooperative at this point.

I'm a fighter if I need to be, but I want to chose my battles wisely :)


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Ron Natalie

If there is one continuous track, you only need one junction box. Low voltage lights are frequently dimmable but you need to make sure the dimmer you buy is also rated for dimming LV functions. THe LV track lights usually have the transformer in the fixture, the track is still 120V so you can put normal voltage pendants in the mix if you like.

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Thank you ronnatalie! That is super helpful :)

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