General cost of trimming (casing) windows

brian7972riFebruary 4, 2008

Hi, we have a relatively new colonial with no window casings. We have about 7 double windows and 2 smaller windows (bathroom). All we want is simple mitered casing with a stool and skirt below the stool. I will prime and paint myself.

Can anyone give me an idea of what we should anticipate for cost of this project from an experienced trimworker? I know labor prices value widely from region to region, so I recognize that this request is somewhat unscientific. I just don't know whether we're looking at $50 per window or $125. (We're in New England).



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Even "New England" doesn't mean much, as you could be in some depressed rural backwater or an upscale Boston suburb. In the best case scenario (inexpensive materials and a cheap handyman) I doubt the price would be lower than your $50 suggestion, and the $125 is entirely believable too. The casing and sill for a typical double-hung window could consume somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 linear feet of stock, at a buck-and-change per foot for pine, plus labor. There's also the question of whether the jambs of your windows are flush with the drywall; jamb extensions, if necessary, would require additional material and labor. There's no shortcut to a meaningful number here; you'll have to get some quotes.

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Thanks Jon, we have someone coming out for a quote this week, and I wasn't even sure what ballpark he might be in (hence the post). You're right, though, there are too many variables to arrive at even a good ballpark, I guess. We'll see what he quotes us and I'll report back for a reality check.

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