Need advice for size of kitchen window above sink

Joe628June 23, 2012

We are getting ready to renovate our kitchen and I could use some advice. We are taking out a door and window in order to maximize our space. The kitchen is connected to the dining room which does have 3 double hung windows. We are going to be replacing a 36" wide double hung over the sink with a new one. Sticking w/ standard size Anderson I could go with a 37 5/8" wide window which I could then frame w/ 2.5" molding and then have about 1.75" of space between the upper cabinets on each side. Or I could go with 41 5/8" window which would only leave me with room for about 2 1/4" molding which would have to go up against the cabinets. Since we are losing a door and window I like the idea of doing a bigger window, but I think the bigger molding and some space between the trim and the cabinets will look better. Thoughts?

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I tend to agree.

Butting the window and trim right to the cabinets looks a bit less finished and almost mis-ordered in my opinion.

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Thanks, I'm leaning towards the smaller window. Wish my contractor never tempted me w/ the idea of a bigger one...decisions!!!!

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I've seen hundreds of kitchen windows. IMO having the casing butt up to the cabinets is absolutely fine, and I prefer it. However, it depends on the space. If you have a wall space between the cabinet and the window, it should be at least something you can paint, not a small 3/4" space or less. This is probably not easy to get unless you go with a smaller window than you want. I think the bigger window out-weighs the trim consideration.

If I may make another suggestion... I've grown quite fond of an awning window over the kitchen sink. It eliminates the horizontal or vertical meeting rail in the middle of the opening, so it makes the window feel even bigger with an open view to the yard. It offers plenty of ventilation just like any other window. I've done quite a few of these over the last several years and people love it.

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It is also easier to open an awning or a casement than a double hung while reaching over a countertop in my opinion.

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+1 on the operator recommendations.

I also think casing up against he cabinets is okay if it is a full reveal on the casing. Most times I see it done it requires it to be ripped down a bit and it looks goofy at that point.

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1.75" is mighty narrow for a paintbrush, but it will still work.

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