Mosaic Plinth for Garden

gardencroneAugust 2, 2009

I wanted to post a picture so I would qualify for the exchange in August. I hope I did this correctly..having trouble with the picture part of this. Keep your fingers crossed. I built this for my garden as a "view" from the patio of the back of the garden. I wanted to elevate a pot with a trailing plant to set off a rather blah area. Was my first attempt. Now I am hooked.

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What a great first attempt! It turned out wonderfully, and we're glad you got it posted. Have fun in the exchange and....


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Love the plinth, and your name is soo cool!

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Welcome to out little corner of the world. Love your work. May I ask by the way, what is a plinth???? I've not heard this term before.


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Great job Gardencrone!!!(I too Love that name!heh heh!)Welcome to the Group!!!

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Thanks everyone for your kind words. A plinth is a way for a gardener to raise a plant above the rest to form a focal point. I used to have this at the end of a long vista in my old garden (have moved) topped off with a big trailing plant.

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Garden, Yur work is beautiful!! Yur 1st was sure better than mine!!!! My 1st was horrible!!!! Great job!!! Yeah it only takes 1 to get you hooked!!!! Love it

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Ok Garden. Thanks for for explaining this term for me. I think we all have at least one of these in out gardens. Now I know what they are called. Keep the pix coming ok?


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Well look at you, girlie, a natural - blow us away w/your first project. Ha - you shoulda seen my first project. It's tucked away under my work table in the garage. I LOVE your pedestal. What did you use for the substrate? You are soooooo welcome to this forum. Looks like you've been mosaicing for years.

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Thanks. My husband built the form from treated wood and cement board. Weighs a TON...the movers dropped it when we moved so it has some cracks, but I "plan" to get those repaired soon. I glued the pieces on with thinset and grouted with sanded grout...seems to be doing fine and it gets many comments in my garden when visitors wander thru. (so now that I have blathered on and that what "substrate" is?)

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Yep, that what substrate is.
What a great first piece!
My first one is hidden somewhere too Slow!
Looking forward to more great work from you gardencrone and welcome!

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Welcome! I just now had time to sit a spell and enjoy your Plinth. I had no idea that's what they were called. I like the squared sides. Gives me ideas..ugh..all I need is more ideas. I also noticed the movers dolly under this, what a great idea. I have a few sitting (rolling) around so may try that. Your originality with the Christmas tree amazes me. Hope you get inspired to do more. Stick around here and you will for sure.

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