Pine Cabinets and Vanity

aniceeFebruary 12, 2011

I just bought a house that has nice pine cabinets and vanity in the bathroom but the pine has never been treated so it has a 'dry' look about it.

What kind of stain should I put on it to make the wood look richer and for it to be easier to clean.

I heard about putting linseed oil, could that be exact and if so I do I go about applying it.

Thank you!


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I am not sure what "never been treated" and "dry look" means. Is there no finish at all? Is the finish dull, water damaged, sun damaged, or what?

Stains work poorly on pine. They tend to blotch, meaning the stain (pigment) absorbs unevenly. Perhaps the best is to use a quality gel stain. But you don't really need to stain anything if you don't want to.

The next problem with pine is bleeding of resin from knots and pitch pockets through the finish. The solution to this is to seal with dewaxed shellac.

Another problem with pine is that it dents easily. Not much you can do about that without replacing the units.

A very good, very water-resistant finish that you can apply is Waterlox Original. It is a varnish made from tung oil and phenolic resin. It is not tung oil, despite what you might infer from the label and web site. It's what I use when I need something highly water resistant. One of my customers does high end kitchens and that's what they spec when the are doing wood countertops.

Forget linseed oil. You can't apply it successfully over finishes as it needs to soak into bare wood. It also has no water resistance, something likely to be present in a bathroom vanity application.

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Thank you for your post. I am French so maybe I didn't express myself properly. What I meant is that my cabinets in the bathroom as well as the vanity are made of pine and nothing was ever applied on the wood so the wood to the touch has a dry feel having nothing on it.
I live in Canada...I will ckeck that Waterlox Original you are mentioning.
Thanks again!


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