Dragonfly Question

gardencroneAugust 29, 2009

OK. I saw some of these and decided to make one. Now I can't remember if they were grouted and can't remember if I saw them here or not and can't find them again. DUH. Could someone tell me if I need to grout these and will sanded grout work on the spoon? I still need to figure out how to hang it...would a jump ring on the center body where the wings attach work do you think? Would I need to solder the wings on? Help. Thanks, Katherine

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Oh, how cute!
How can you work with that teeny tiny stuff?
I would think you would need to grout with sanded grout, the edges are probably sharp unless you tumbled them.
I have no clue about the wings.
By the way did you ever share how you make those windchimes?

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if you go to the mosaic and stained glass forum and look under the mosiac forum they have some of the dragon spoonflies and i think some info on how to make them.

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Try this link for a neat pic.

Here is a link that might be useful: spoon dragonfly

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What a cute dragonfly!!! I'd HAVE to grout it myself...even tho it would take away from the spoon....and it will be interesting to see how to string this guy up!?! It looks like you flattened the spoon part first? What about attaching him to a smale pole? Like a cane pole for staking flowers?

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Thanks everyone. Sometimes I question myself so it is so helpful to have others opinions. Texas...call me crazy but I love to do smaller things lately. Wish I had smaller fingers tho it is like an elephant doing surgery. ABout the windchimes, I did post a "how to"..will try to find it and send you a link. I did flatten the bowl of the spoon, bought 10 for $1 at GW and started on this one because it wasn't the prettiest...well, learned something. The cheap ones are easy to flatten...the "better brands"..not so. I hammered one for several minutes with no success...so I guess if you want to pass it down to the next generation spend more on flatware...lol. I am going to take the advice and grout it..will report back. I have several waiting for this first try so we will see. Thanks again. :)

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