water protection for wood

ednadogFebruary 27, 2008

I want to make an old stained (not painted) oak dresser into a bathroom vanity. Any suggestions on what to use for the protective finish so that water will bead up and not soak into the finish. I've seen finishes used that turned cloudy and gummey when water was allowed to sit on the surface and I don't want that to happen. Thanks

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My suggestion is Waterlox Original (a phenolic + tung oil based varnish). It is about as water-resistant as any finish.

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If I understand your question, my answer is you are out of luck. If the dresser is old, and retains its old finish, no topcoat over it will guarantee that the original shellac or laquer finish will not turn cloudy underneath your modern topcoat if it is subjected to standing water. Age will have already microscopically pitted the surface integrity of your antique subfinish. Water molecules will find these voids and turn hazy. I would strip sand, restain , seal with 1 coat dewaxed shellac and 3 coats Behlens rockhard tabletop varnish. Modern water based polys also have excellent waterproofing qualities and dry fast without the odor but some feel it may look kind of 'plasticky" .
good luck and enjoy!

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