Sierra Pacific, Lincoln or Marvin Windows?

gunterJune 25, 2007

People who have either Sierra Pacific, Lincoln or Marvin windows--I'm in Colorado and building a custom home we'll be in for 40 years. I like Marvin Alumn. clad and will price them. However, Sierra Pacific and Lincoln have been recommended to me as quality products better priced. I hate to spend big bucks on Marvin if another brand will serve us just as well. Is there a difference in quality and price between Sierra Pacific and Lincoln? Or is there such a big difference between those brands and Marvin that I should just get Marvin? And anyone in the Denver area know where to go for the best prices? Thanks for any input!

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Hi, we use Marvin AL clad on the coast of SF Bay Area in Ca. Don't know much about the other brands but have researach info and some experience to share.

We had the same challenges four years ago trying to figure out why one is cheaper or more expensive than the others (Andersen, Pella, Milgard). We learned that there are actual differences though not all such differences are readily visible to all of us. You can research the other brands and compare as we did.

Marvin's extruded Aluminum claims to meet AAMA's 2605-05 specification. Supposedly toughest. Marvin's Aluminum also uses 70% Kynar coating, similar to car body coating. I would check the other brands' specification.

Marvin cross-sectional of their clad windows shows an added air space between the cladding and the interior wood. We like this added amount of insulation. We found this on Marvin web site. I suggest comparing that to the other brands to see how they clad their windows.

Marvin's windows came with high DP rating. We like this for our stormy location with wide temperature fluctuation. Check the DP rating and also the SHGC and VT factors.

In our area, Marvin made argon a standard when we asked for low-E2 coating. Other brands sold them as options. At least that was the case four years ago.

On the subjective side, the wood is very tight, neat and beautifully finished. The cladding appearance has more traditional lines, not so bland. Your taste of course may be different.

So far, the clad French doors have survived wind-whipped gravel, football, soccer, frisbee, occassional bike tire crashes, no dent (yet) and no scratches (yet). I am sure if someone uses a sharp knife or rock, it will scratch.

The windows and doors have performed well in the rare 32-F condition as well as 115-F condition keeping us relatively cool in summer and relatively warm in winter. So far, everything functions as new after four years and no fading yet.

Wind driven rain pounded the SW facing windows and doors each winter, no air or water leaks. We also had good installation so it is quiet inside. A normal Honda lawn mower mowing to within 3 ft of the doors sounds only like a low hum inside, and we need not raise our voice to speak.

This does not imply anything negative about the other brands, just our experience and our choices.

I hope you find this info useful!

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If it was in the budget, there is NO question that I would put Marvin in my home. (Marvin Ultimate). Even over Anderson, Pella, JeldWen etc.
While Sierra Pacific & Lincoln windows may work out, neither are in the same league. SP & Lincoln are price pt products.

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Thank you for your responses. Is the Builder's line of Marvin's equally as good?

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I am not a window professional so please take the following with a grain of salt.

We learned 4 years ago that there were just Marvin Windows and Doors, Marvin Integrity and Marvin Infinity. Marvin Integrity makes fiberglass windows while Integrity is into replacement. Those two were relatively new at the time and had minimal offering.

Marvin Windows and Doors is the one that makes the Aluminum clad products. According to our local Marvin "Master" dealer (4 years ago), Marvin did not make a "cheaper" version for other companies (Home Depot, Lowe's etc). There was Marvin and that was that. All dealers would sell exactly what Marvin could make.

If that is still true, is "Builder" just another dealer of the Marvin product?

You may have to check your local official Marvin dealers to get the final word. You can find a list of dealers from the Marvin site.

Good luck!

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Pleaseeeeeeee!!!! Stay away from the Lincoln Windows. We built our home in 1993 using Lincoln double pane argon filled low E double hung windows recommended by our builder and have had nothing but trouble from day one. We have replaced the sashes on almost half of our 34 windows due to everything from exploding interior panes, rotten sashes, condensation between the panes so heavy you can't see out the window to an inch of water between the panes. The first two that exploded they replaced the sashes, the next batch I had to pay for replacements and the last batch I paid for and they told me to never request replacements again because they would not build them for me ever again. The only reason they made the last batch was I promised legal action if they didn't! It's gotten to the point where I have to replace every window and french door in the house. I'm considering Pella Designer or Marvins, but haven't decided yet. The local Pella store and their installers have an excellent reputation but I'm reading some things on here that are making me second guess any of them!

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Thanks everyone--anyone have Sierra Pacific? I think I'll go with the Marvins. I'm so sorry to hear of your trouble
Nazguy, with Lincolns. It sounds just awful. Good luck!

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We are beginning a major remodel and addition and will be using SP windows. They come highly recommended by both our A and GC who have used them in multiple remodels and have not experienced any problems with either the windows or the company. I know that they are widly used in the northwest and have been for some time.

Also, I have searched this forum for complanints about SP windows from time to time (we have been planning this remodel for two years) and have found none and I figure if there were problems someone would be writing about it on this site which reminds me I think I will try another search.

bslet, what do you mean by "price pt products"?

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Price Point Product.
People tend to buy SP because it is a less expensive alternative than say Marvin,Eagle,Pella.
If it was in the budget, I'd buy Marvin.
Windows can be a HUGE investment. Make sure you're installation is top notch.
good luck.

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Sorry to hear about your 93 Lincolns. Same as a 91 Taurus from Ford. But did you know the redesigned 2005 Lincolns have better ratings than even Marvin and air infiltrations lower and higher DP. Lincoln also has the 366 LowE glass available at only a 1$/ square ft more. When every one else had a 1 year wood rot warranty Lincoln had a 10 year and continues that today. The original founders still run the company and if they are not the best then the second best. Andersens 300 casement leak 300% more air and google "pella rotten". Not here to bad mouth but just to clarify and offer up to date information. While some companies put $ into marketing Lincoln puts those $ into the product. They are diffinately Not a price point product. Keep in mind also that installation is paramount to any window and door product.

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1) yup, at 1 point in time Pella had a "rotten" problem. Early 90's and has LONG been corrected. Maybe you should let that one go.
2) Lincoln IS a price point product, just like SP.
3) Marvin is the best product out there.

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I looked at a few rotted pellas over the last 30 days. 8 years on a window and a 30 year mortgage does not reflect affordable housing. After a few years they arn't very attractive on the exterior.
Lincolns run more than a jeldwen and just less than a marvin wood product, except for radius and speciality.
Infinity from Marvin, the fiberglass product, is the best overall midwest window IMO.

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We put Marvin ultimate aluminum clad windows in our new house and I couldn't be happier. Beautiful windows, mechanically a pleasure to operate, and they stay cool as a cucumber against the hot sun and heat of north Texas. Love 'em.

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Yes, they are extremely nice. They will perform great for years. Glad to know of your satisfaction.

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We are looking at using Lincoln as an alternative to Marvin b/c of significant savings and can get same look with wider muntins in windows for our colonial home. Need good insulating qualities particulary related to sun -- we had to take a 150 y.o. oak out and we are now getting straight west sun in the afternoons -- very hot with our current windows, that have no insulating qualities. The windows will be in a new addition, not replacement windows.

I can see where someone had some concerns with Lincolns that were installed 15+ years ago, but is anyone using them recently and what is your experience?

TIA, Alice

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On Long island there name is still buried under the dirt as in do not use them.Inspite of what anyone says on here they are definitely a price point window and a terrible one at that, I have not heard on good thing about any units here on the Island

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Hi Gunter, I don't know if you are still reading this but, I am currently building a home in Evergreen, CO and purchased Sierra-Pacific Windows (99 to be exact), 3 sets of French Doors and a 5-panel La Cantina Door through their Denver office. Lora V. was the sales rep that we dealt with and she was extremely through with our order. Eveything was delivered in perfect condition and the quality is fantastic! I would definately consider them.
I had priced out Eagle, Hurd, Kolbe, and Weathershield. Sierra Pacific was in the middle. Good Luck with your build!

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Alliern, how are the Sierra Pacific windows and doors working out? I'm planning a remodel at 10,000 ft., in CO, so it can be brutal on windows and doors!

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I used al. clad Pella casements in my home 30 years ago. They have certainly outperformed most. My brother used Marvins in his home. My new home has Sierra Pacific. They are beautiful and were selected by the architect building the new home for an Oklahoma billionair. I don't think they were selected for "price point"!!! I selected them for their features.

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Willinak...still loving my SP windows after 2 1/2 yrs! This past month has been a true test with temps reaching 16 below on numerous nights. Our La Cantina window wall has been the greatest enjoyment...has allowed indoor/outdoor living at 8,000ft.

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I installed 13 very large aluminum clad casement windows and 3 sets of Sierra Pacific french doors about 4 1/2 years ago and I'm _mostly_ happy, but there have been some problems. 3 panes on the south side have had broken seals which have had to be replaced (one on a french door and 2 in windows). The other issues relate to the dark red aluminum clad exterior which has started to fade on the south side. I'm in Boulder CO and the sun is pretty intense, but I'm still surprised to be having these problems after such a short period of time. I also have one latch which is difficult to close and I have weather stripping which comes out of it's seat when I often open windows. Everyone loves my windows and they look great, but I just wonder if these problems are normal. I thought they were affordable... the whole lot only cost about 15K.

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I installed Lincoln windows in our home and regret it. Mold starting growing in between the panes of 7 of the windows. This happened shortly after the 5 year initial warranity period. It took 6 months for Lincoln to send replacements. The first time 3 of the windows were not made correctly. They were missing the mullions. It took another 4 weeks to get those replaced but now the windows were not primed. Lincolns response was, "oh well, too bad, we are not replacing them". That is there version of customer service. It cost me hundreds of dollars for the labor to replace the windows, three days being at home to have the windows measured to be ordered and then replaced. It was not worth it. Get Marvin windows.

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Marvin Integrity is a great product. Take a look at that if you have doubts about paying their full fare for alum. clad, which is pretty expensive.

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We are in our 14th year with Lincoln windows and have had a 15% failure rate of the seals. After 10 years we pay for everything. South facing in Seattle so wind but not massive sun or freezing weather. We are now building a new house next door and will not consider Lincoln.

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Not saying Lincoln windows are any good but seal failures are glass issues now window mfr. However most all glass companies are typically 10 yrs now o seal failures.

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