Mixing gel & wiping stain?

april2929February 27, 2008

I am planning to glaze a vertical surface of cabinets, and my experiments have concluded that wiping stain is too thin and gel stain is too thick. Is there some reason I couldn't thin the gel stain with a bit of wiping stain to try to get the right consistency? (They are the same color and same brand). It seems logical since they both are oil based, but are the two products completely separate animals, so to speak?

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I'm guessing you can do so. If it still isn't quite right, try some regular paint thinner. A few drops is probably all you need. If you are staining where it's warm, a bit of thinner is requisite, for gel stains tend to set up quite rapidly. If you have the can open for long periods, you will have to add drops of thinner to make up for what evaporates.

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I've done this with excellent results. It makes a slicker gel stain.

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