Retractable screen door

shappyJune 27, 2011

I was thinking of getting one of these for our front door but thought I'd ask for some input. If you have one do you like it? What brands are good? I live in Southern California and we don't have air conditioning. Can they be locked?

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I have a Phantom screen on my front door. We got it so we could cool off the house in the summer with the cross ventilation of the windows and doors in the rear. Works beautifully.
My only words of advise would be to look at the options and don't be penny wise and pound foolish. You do get what you pay for.

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Very interested in recommendations. I have Andersen out swing french doors and had the Andersen retractable screens installed about 3 years ago and we have never been happy with them. Does anyone know if they have improved their offering?

I have read that Phantom, Mirage and Clearview (based in San Diego) make solid products, but who knows if I am only reading info from people associated with these companies. Any personal recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I have sold Phantom when I worked in retail(which was some yrs ago)and there were no issues and everyone was happy with them.

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The retractable screen doors are growing in popularity. We are using the Provia model on almost every French Door and double door installation. Customers who purchase a quality double door usually don't need a storm door and the retractable screen doors offer a better and lower cost alternative if a screen is all that is needed. Plus on some of the nicer and detailed glass packages, it allows the door to be viewed without the obstruction of a storm door.

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I'm interested in re-opening this thread as we just put a parlor floor deck on the rear of our house last fall, and put a custom OUTSWING door to the deck since the kitchen right inside is small (we're in NYC), knowing we would want a retractable screen this spring. Well, it's nice out and I want to leave the door open but really can't without a screen so it's time to get one ASAP.

Our door isn't that wide (31.5") so I'm concerned about a frame making the width too narrow. I don't want something so "framed out" that we lose too much width.

Also, we have cats one of whom always wants to go outside and might push against the screen, so I'd want something sturdy once it's closed so he only goes outside when we open the door to let him. (Once the cat learns it won't give way he won't try much more but at the beginning we need sturdy) we also have kids some of whom may push against it without realizing it's there.

I've been researching this and have learned that Mirage (based in Canada) and Screenmobile (based in CA) use dealers that won't work in New York City (although the Screenmobile dealer in West Caldwell New Jersey was really nice and helpful and knowledgeable today), and Phantom is a floating mesh system and might not be pet-resistant (and including installation will cost around $500, which sounds high to me). Lowe's carries the Larson 39x81 for $160 or $200 including delivery, but it's either possibly overly framed out or has no bottom frame so my cat could render it relatively useless. And Home Depot has the ODL which is $120 or so but a dealer warned me that it's a relatively cheap product and "you get what you pay for" and suggested I go with the Phantom dealer in Brooklyn. I plan to go to his showroom but also wanted to ask others' opinions.

Has anyone heard of Window Fix Inc? Any suggestions generally? Is $500 reasonable?

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Were you able to find a retractable screen that keeps the cat in? We are looking for one now.... thanks!

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