Gazing ball & stand

barbfrizzell1955August 14, 2008

Just finished this gazing ball and stand. It's hard to get a good picture of just how blingy this is in the sun.

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WOW you sure can see the BLING here. Awesome job. Is that globs on the ball? What did you use for the base?? I just love the colors. Sure wish I had some of this talent.


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Thanks Katie. No, I didn't use any globs on this at all. I used 3 colors...turquoise, pink & orange of Streaky ripple mirror glass that I got from Delphi. Here is a link so you can see what I'm talking about.

The base is the bottom of a bird bath that I got from my friend when the top to the bird bath broke. It's not solid concrete so I was able to lift it to work on it inside the house.

Here is a link that might be useful: Delphi glass

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That is really great! Good job of piecing it together and I love the bling. If I only had a friend with a broken birdbath I'd love to do one too! Thanks for the inspiration and pictures.

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Oooooh, sparkly bling! Love it. Want it. Must have the precious! Crafty lady it's beautiful. I don't know what else to say except that my laptop is going to short out from my drooling.

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That is so BAUTIFULLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I just love it.

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Beautiful! Thanks for the link to delphi...that ripple mirror glass is to die for! Was it hard to grout, did you seal it first or anything to make grouting easier?

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Gorgeous! The ripple glass is just lovely for the diamonds! Speaking of which, how did you get such perfect grout lines with the base tapering?? Looks like you cut each row to fit perfectly with the ones before and after. Are the ones in each row slightly different sizes to accommodate that taper??? Super work!


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I think this is beautiful and I love the bling. I have about 15 birdbaths in my yard and a couple old bases out back, I may have to try this on a gazing ball. I think it is really pretty done in all glass. How neat. What is that box it is sitting on? Looks like a concrete block and a paver? Too bad we are all not rich, we could have a gazing ball is everyone's stuff is as heavy as mine, who could afford to ship it?
Great job Crafty..keep up the good work.

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ooolalala, love that sparkle!!
and is that a glass totem in your green border?
great work craftylady!

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Thanks, you guys can really make me feel so good!

Cindiloo...the glass is smooth on the top and the ripple (ridges) texture is on the back of the glass. It is a little thicker than regular glass such as Spectrum is, it can vary slightly in thickness also. It can be a PITA to cut, it doesn't always break cleanly when you score it. In fact, I had to change my color scheme because the gold that I was going to use turned out to be a sheet of demon glass that would not break cleanly!

Pat...all the diamonds are the same size and the grout line is just a little wider at the bottom than it is at the top. The base had lines in it and at first my pattern was going to follow the lines but I lucked out when I realized the diamonds fit inside each area perfectly!

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Yep Flag, it is sitting on a concrete block and paver. I got about 15 of them at a garage sale last year for fifteen cents each!!! The lady thought I was nuts for wanting them but I thought I had died and gone to heaven for getting them so cheaply! LOL I agree, shipping would be so expensive but it would be an awesome exchange.

Kat, yes that is a glass totem and the green border you are referring to is actually indoor/outdoor carpet (blush). We have a dog who has a ton of allergies but she eats everything. She is like a little vacuum cleaner! LOL We had some Rose of Sharon bushes in there and other flowers which are not good for dogs but she still would eat them anyway. When we pulled the flowers out we tried covering the area with wood mulch but of course she ate that too. The carpet works out great, and I don't have to weed the area.

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WOW, Crafty, that is really awesome. You know I would never have thought to put pink and orange together and it turned out really fantastic. I need to start broadening my mind!! LOL!!

Love that glass link you posted on delphi, I need to buy glass and now that I have the beetle bits, I can start buying sheets instead of the more expensive cut, though you if are having trouble with some of that glass, i probably don't want to try it yet! Demon glass I cannot handle..

I just love your cutting, pattern, style, everything. This is so dazzling!!

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How in the world did I miss this?
That is wonderful. I so envy your cutting skills.
The colors are great!
I have a broken birdbath base in the shed that I can fix up and planned to use for a bb.
What an inspiration.
LOL Flag, how bout we all just bring our bbs to your place for a swap?

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Mermaid, I was surprised myself to find out how well the pink and orange went together too! I had already glued on all the turquoise and gold was going to be the next color until I couldn't cut it, so I felt the pink and orange went together best of all the colors I had. I am so fortunate that Delphi is only about an hour drive from me, I ended up buying some of all the colors except for the purple...I didn't think it looked purply enough!!! LOL

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That is soooo beautiful! Love the glam colors and the way it shines! Amazing how perfect all those diamonds and grout lines are, WOW!

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LOVE IT AND YOUR YARD!!! I'm in love with bricks and so love it all!!!

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This is another spectacular piece of art. I so admire your cutting abilities. The whole thing is beautifully designed, and the placement w/your flowerbed is perfect.

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This gazing ball is so pretty. You did a beautiful job. Your pieces look so precise. I'll bet it really sparkles in the sun.

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What a beautiful piece!

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Yea Texas I still druel over this piece.

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