Nipping and saw questions

daisymeAugust 17, 2008

When you're nipping, do you get nice straight cuts so you can make squares and rectangles? Many of mine veer off to the sides. Is it because I'm not being exact enough in the straightness of my cuts or do some pieces just do that?

Also, I'm getting a really bad elbow when I nip for any time at all. Do others have that happen? Should I be using a support glove or wrap of some kind maybe on my wrist or elbow?

On the saw, I just bought a wet tile saw and am getting alot of chipping on my pieces. Slow and Flag say they don't worry much about that problem (Flag only seems to get chips with old blades), but I'm wondering if others have the same problem and if I should be returning my saw for a replacement as I think it could be the blade or alignment of the saw is off center. Any Ideas?

Thanks for any input!

Daisy (me!)

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Just came in from my wet saw, and saw your question.
Still fairly new at the saw, but I haven't had any major chipping problems, usually just when the blade hits the end of the cut. I haven't had the problem you show in your picture, though; not sure but maybe a bad blade? Also, make sure you feed the plate/tile through slowly. Is the plate getting enough water on it (I had to clear my water line, was hardly dripping at all).

With the nippers, I had read somewhere that to get a straight nip on glass, you have to nip hard and fast on the tile, don't squeeze slowly; maybe the same thing applies to ceramic/plates? I haven't nipped much besides glass, and use the saw for plates/ceramic, so not much help there. You can get some nice, straight squares/rectangles on the saw, too.

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Pommom, thank you so much for your reply. I'll be interested in all the feedback I can get on the saw and then I'll have to decide what to do. I hadn't heard your suggestion about hard and quick nips with the nippers either. Everytime I'm on here I'm learning something new! Isn't this a wonderful forum group? Thanks again!

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I don't get large chips on the edges like in your photo. The Taurus 3 ring saw doesn't chip at all, and neither do the Lepponitt wheeled nippers. The wheels on my nippers are dull and need to be replaced, but the only problem that causes is that it is more difficult to nip; when they have new wheels it is very easy; however, no chips with either method . . . not sure what problem you are running into.

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What type of tiles are they? If they are a low fire ceramic you will get problems.
I am not realy familiar with wet saws, only used one of my friends, and it was a cheapy, but it did chip.
That's my 2cents.

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Here's a little tidbit I saw today re: Nippers. I hope it helps some of you

Here is a link that might be useful: Using nippers

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Flagtruck, thanks for the link! I have been holding my nippers too high up on the handle. I will try the correct way as shown in her instructions and see if that helps with fatigue.

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Flag, I second silva's thanks, I haven't been using the leo's right either.
Daisy, I have small hands and have problems with my glass tiles cutting cleanly in half',quarters etc, and hope that by holding them lower in my hands, I'll get better cuts. I don't notice many problems with my hands or elbows when using those leoponitt cutters, I bought them because I read they were much easier on your hands than other nippers.

Kathy , at Maryland Mosaics, has the leo cutter replacement wheel's for the lowest prices. plus she offers an additional 10% if you put gardenweb in the code box.
I don't know anything about wet saw's because I haven't bought one yet but I do have the beetle bits like CIndilou has and I am thrilled at how easy the basic cutting is and I have cut really nice straight lines and triangles that way.

I haven't had any chipping with my cutters, but like I said, I don't have the cleanest cuts yet

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Thank you all for taking the time to answer here. I especially appreciate (as always) Flag's time in leading us to yet another great tutorial. I'm learning and every bit of information is helpful. Thank you again soooooo much everyone.

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