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yabberAugust 24, 2009

Yesterday we picked up SD13 for the week. She told us that BM's fiance is moving out this Thursday. He's moving into an apartment up the road, but they will 'stay together'. I wrote in a previous post about this not too long ago. We thought it wouldn't happen before the baby was born (this October coming) but it's all go apparently.

I've also mentioned (many times) before that my SD's are like her 'carers'. SD13 is pulling away from that now, but SD11 is getting sucked right in even more because of that.

And now it's taken the most ridiculous turn yet: SD11 is now sleeping with BM (and 15 month old baby brother)in the same bed because BM doesn't want to sleep alone.. SD11 is truly taking the fiancee's role here, not only holding hands while watching tv, but also when they fall asleep.

I'm annoyed beyond words, it's just so insane!! I wonder if we'll even see her this weekend, she would feel awfully guilty leaving her mom alone while the fiancee is moving out. I feel so sorry for my SD11, but we'll have to just go with the flow and hope that she will come (to have a rest and a break from it), fingers crossed!!

And in case you guys are wondering why I suddenly call him her 'fiancee' instead of her BF, that's because I actually forgot they were engaged...it was always clear they were not going to stay together, babies or no babies, engaged or not engaged, and I just forgot he asked her last Christmas.

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Talk about mixed messages for BM to be sending to both of her daughters!

"He's my fiance, but he's moving out to his own place, but we are still 'together' and we're having a baby."

What is the reasoning behind that? and now she's going to use the daughter to fill the void of him not being there? How sad!!!

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he dumped her and moved out. everything else is just blah blah blah to save her face. nobody moves out and stays together and has babies.

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