anderson slider 400 or 200 ? (how to paint the inside)??

titan7June 19, 2010

So I ordered a 200 series gliding door because I like more glass area that the french door look of the 400. I upgraded the LowE so there is no difference between them.

No how the heck do I paint the pine on the inside of the door to have a factory finish, will it no rub off as soon as it's opened the first time??

I was considering the permashield casing but that color will not match the painted door molding that will go around the frame???

So what to do??? I can get the permasheild but it won't match the molding or I can get pine on the inside and paint the molding and door to match? I am guessing this is a pro painting task?

Does anyone prefer the 400 to 200? Seems like you lose light coming in do to more frame?


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i used the pre painted 200 series , to match the paid and sheen you have to paint it with an enamal I belive its Dove White.

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