Can I use a 7-1/4 in. blade in a 7-1/2 in. circular saw?

txmatFebruary 21, 2009

Not sure if this is the best forum for this question, but hope some of you can answer it. I have a Craftsman saw that uses a 7-1/2 in. blade, but locally I can only find 7-1/4 in. blade. Is there any reason I shouldn't use a 7-1/4 in. blade in a saw built for a 7-1/2 in. blade? Of course, I will loose some saw depth and that is not a problem for what I am doing. Thanks in advance.

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Yeah, no problem at all so long as the arbor hole size matches.

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Thanks Jon. The arbor hole matches, so I will try it tomorrow and let everyone know how it works.

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Just to follow up. I used the saw today with the 7 1/4" blade and it worked great. Just as Jon said, No Problem.

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Pooh Bear

I do this all the time with my table saw and radial arm saw.
They will take a 10 inch blade but if I run a 7 1/4 inch
blade or an 8 inch blade the saw doesn't have to work as hard.
Especially helpful when going thru very hard thick material.

Pooh Bear

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