Precut 1' Mosaic Tile or 18'x18' Tile?

floridagirl_mosaicAugust 7, 2009

Which type do you prefer the little precut 1" squares in every color you can imagine or the 18"x18" tile pieces you make into any shape you want?

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florida girl, no way would I cut 1" squares from large tile. when I use them I hit them with a hammer. I use 3.8:,1/2" 3/4" and 1" tiles that are precut. You can cut your own from sheets of glass and mirror, but don't attempt to do this with large tile. Do them like dishes of which we all use a lot, hit them with a hammer or use a wet saw.

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I buy my glass from a shop that sells its rimnents and unused pieces by the pound then i get home and rough score them and then have a night where I am breaking them all down to a small size it may take a little time and work but it saves me some money. Plus I'm poor so my labor is the cheapest thing I have.

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Thanks for your responses. I've decided to go with the large 18" tiles. I'm going to break them up with a hammer and cut them down to size/shape. That way everything i make will be different :)

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