where are all the hopper windows?

tobes36June 21, 2013


I have a shed style roof in my living room. Right now I have a bank of 4 picture windows 5' x 1.5' along the high side of the room. I want to replace at least one of them with a awning or hopper type of window so I can ventilate the space. I would prefer a hopper type of window so I can have it screened on the outside. There are a lot of insects where I live.

The window is somewhat protected in that it is under an eave. I've noticed that the big names don't make them (andersen, milgard, marvin).

What are my options? I need one with a pull ring because it is about 12-14' high.

Suggestions? pitfalls?

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Commercial aluminum (Traco, Kawneer, Efco) and I do believe most vinyl companies make a hopper as well.

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Marvin has a tilt turn which turns into a hopper

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I would look consider a slider for that size,and replace the whole bank with one window. It would probally cost less and be more functional.

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As stated above, most vinyl companies make hoppers. The Marvin tilt and turns are fabulous windows, just be prepared to take out another mortgage on your home to pay for them.

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