Ideas for repurposing oak flooring

kyle37932February 26, 2013

A few years before my grandfather passed, he removed his oak flooring and gave me some of it. He cut it all to irregular lengths between 12" and 16". It was original to the house he built almost 60 years ago. It's all oak and most of it's in decent shape. It still has the stain and varnish. I have no idea why he did any of this. I have hundreds of these boards. I've made a few picture frames, a few decorative trays that show off the tongue and groove, and I'm building a coffee table top from it. So far, these have kept the original look because it has sentimental value.

I'm looking for other ideas to repurpose this wood with or without the stain and tongue and groove. It's a lot of 60 year old oak.

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I make things like in the picture from excess maple flooring.

But, I have a planer, table saw, band saw, belt sander and more.

Minimum necessary tools will be the table saw, band saw, planer and belt sander.

The colors are just some I used wood dye on for added attraction.

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I have a friend who built a log cabine style home and her cabinet maker made her kitchen cabinets from wood flooring. They were very pretty and comlimented the style of her home.

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Use them for the sides, tops and doors of furniture?

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