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washit3August 25, 2009

I am so inspired by all of the talent on this forum, and I want to give it a try. I have a small metal bistro set with empty ovals on the chair backs and an empty table top. The depth from the rim is about 1/4 of a inch. My question is can I silicone the tile and glass right to the painted metal or do I need to back it with something? Any other help would be great. Thanks Lynette

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Lynette welcome. You did not say if this will be inside or outside, A picture would be helpful in knowing if the top is solid or ventilated metal. If it was mine, I would use GE II Silicone and go directly to the metal. It sounds like this set is just screaming for you to add some color to it. I hope this helps.

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Thanks flagtruck, The top is solid metal. I will keep it outside for the summer and in the shed during the winter. The table top is not perfectly level. There are small dents where I removed the old top. Do you think this will be an issue? How would you advice me to start, should I lay all of the pieces out and then remove and adhere them one at a time? Sorry I cant post a picture my son left for university and my camera went with him! I am now a empty nester, and I cant wait to fill my extra time with mosaics.

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You might be able to level the dents with some thinset or mortar mix or just some wood putty or spackling compound. If you already know what design you want, draw your table and ovals for the back onto some paper and work out your design on the paper. Then you could transfer your design to the table with graphite paper or you could work on a flat surgace and cover your paper with the design with saran wrap then lay a sheet of mesh over it and glue your tiles to the mesh. When finished you could cut out around the mesh and cover your table top w/adhesive and lay your completed mesh with tiles directly onto the table. I will help you if you have any more questions. Good luck.

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Welcome Lynette! Yea, what Flag said.
I just wanted to welcome you and mention that as I was poking around Craig's list here in San Antonio, a guy has posted that he is giving away all his resturant stuff!
Metal tables caught my eye.
I may give the guy a call!
Good luck, and you know you will just have to get another camera for this group, we like pictures!

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Thanks flagtruck, Your advice has been great. I'm of the the a local bargin store to look for tile, or stoneware. Texasfern, thanks for the welcome. It may be a while before I post pictures. I'm not sure how fast my progress will be. I'm sure there will be lots of trial and error on my first project.

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Welcome - how much stuff have you gathered? You done yet? LOL - we'll help you all the way.

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Hi, Lynette, welcome. How is it going so far?

Here is a link that might be useful: Silva's mosaic blog

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Thanks for the welcome Silva. I am just waiting for a grinder.There are a few pieces of resin left on the table. I think I will have a better outcome with them off the table. I'm waiting for hubby to grind them off.I think I may put on my glasses and try doing it myself. When I start, do you think I should leave the table top black or should I Paint it white? I would imagine this will change the look where I use glass. Thanks for the help and encouragement.

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I haven't worked on anything like that so I'll let the experts continue to answer your questions. Welcome! We'll really enjoy seeing how this turns out. Have fun!

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Try this instead!

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