Plan drawing software

dalepresJanuary 29, 2011

I am looking for easy to use plan drawing software for woodworking projects - something that I can draw cut pieces to scale, show their relationship in expanded 3d, etc.

Any suggestions?

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I haven't used it, but I've seen impressive results from Alibre. The company offers a home/hobby version for $99.

There's also Google Sketchup, which is free.

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Thanks. I was hoping you didn't say Sketchup. That is anything but easy to use. I'll check Alibre.

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The more feature there are the more complicated the SW gets to use.

It is just the nature of the CAD/CAM beast.

You should see the real professional level stuff like Autocad.

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Maybe it's not the software; maybe I need to hire a draftsman. :)

That's it. A draftsman to draw the plans, and a master carpenter to build the cabinets. Maybe I should just go to Home Depot. LOL

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