Possible to fix discolored cabinet trim?

jaxoJanuary 8, 2011

An above the range microwave was removed and replaced with a range hood. This exposed areas of the cabinets that had been hidden by the microwave. These areas have some kind of discoloration from I don't know what. Adhesive??!!

There are some scratches, but I am most concerned about the darkened strip running right near where the cabinet meets the wall in this picture.

Without replacing the cabinets, is there any was to fix this?

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The scratches are permanent unless you want to get into refinishing. For the discoloration near the wall, I'd be tempted to just cover it with a some sort of simple wood corner molding.

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This looks very much like the veneer cabinets I have where the veneer came off with painter's tape. I had put the tape on to protect the finish from some floor work I was doing, and presto, I had a big problem. I ended up finding some stain to match my cabinets (got lucky) and fortunately, the tape was low on the cabinets, so I just trimmed out the bases with some 4 X 1/4" stained poplar. Looks nice, no more eyesore.

Though your issue is not at the base of your cabinets, I mention this only as a potential alternative. With a solid wood, you could ease the visible edges of it to make it bullnose attractively into the cabinet side.

If you did it right, you could make it look like it was designed that way all along!

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