Outdoor Mosaic Mailbox

jpagliaiAugust 5, 2009

Good afternoon everyone! I've been on gardenweb for quite some time but have only looked on the garden forum....never realize it was so diverse until i googled mosaic questions :) I'd like to start making outdoor mosaic mailboxes for friends and family. I've done alittle research as far as supplies needed. The questions I have are :

1. I'd like to get fiberglass mesh to hold the design in place. After looking on the internet for options I'm overwhelmed with which size to go with. Also, noticed some people use basic grocery store contact paper to hold pieces together until your ready to tranfer the piece. What method do you prefer?

2. Since the mailboxes will be located outside in South Florida Rain and Heat. What type of adhesive should I use, Weldbond or IMO?

3. Do I really need to apply tile & grout sealer? If so, would you recommend "TileLab" or a different brand?

4. Sould I use thinset instead of grout?

5. Read that using plastic was not a good idea because tiles would not hold. I'd like to use wood or aluminum mailbox frames. What do you think? Is there a better surface? Where's the best place to buy?

Sorry for soooo many questions! Before I run out and buy everything I'd like to ask some experts :) Thanks for all your help.

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Hi There!! Your projects sounds great!!! You could use metal or plastic boxes as long as you give them a slurry coat of mortar first(slurry>thincoat with a paintbrush)then use mortar to apply your peices straight onto the box. or some people put their mosaic on mesh and then transfer/mortar it onto the box. I am using drywall tape to get the slurry to stick to what I want...drywall tape is my new friend! it is self adhesive so stays in place long enough to get that first slurry on. Drywall tape is a fiberglass mesh. My opinions expressed...whatever you decide, hope you stick around and post some work in progress pics!!! Welcome Aboard!!! Jane

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No recommendations, but if I were doing the project, I'd get a metal box and use Silicon as an adhesive to apply the tesserae directly onto my box. I'd use sanded grout, mixed w/thinset - half and half. Lowes has metal mailboxes.

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Oh man, another project for the endless list!

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