What a Pain!

loribee2August 28, 2011

When I created this sculpture, I never realized how hard it would be to mosaic. I've spent weeks just putting the tiles on the mouth and head. And I confess, working in those tight spots wasn't a lot of fun. After the fact, I wished I'd made the inside of his mouth black, but I don't have the energy to chip them all off and do that part over, so it is what it is! Finally, today I finished the hard parts and am looking forward to sailing along the rest of the way. The rest will be a piece of cake in comparison.

I've got a bird bath and stepping stones waiting in the wings while I get this project done. I can't WAIT to work on something flat! LOL

So here's a question for the group: What's the hardest thing you ever mosaiced, and what made it so difficult?

The progress:

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Oh, Loribee it may have been a pain, but look at what you created. It's beautiful. Can't wait to see it all finished. You do such great work.

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Aw, thank you. I'm anxious too and so glad the head is done. I can only work weekends, and it was sooo slow going. I had to bend and crink my neck to put those pieces in so I tired out fast. I'm hoping the rest will go a lot quicker. It feels like I've been working on this guy forever!

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I bet he was a bugger but he is looking so great!!

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You're doing a fantastic job on this little number. Just think how proud you're gonna be when you place it in your garden.

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Thanks, ladies! I am looking forward to seeing him in his home. I think I'm going to enter him in our county fair's fine art contest next year, too. There are a couple fairs that do competitive exhibitions. I figured it would be fun to try and win a ribbon and maybe get a little exposure.

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He's gorgeous and will be a great focal point in your garden. Sometimes it's hard to see how beautiful your own project is when you're in the middle.

Take is from us, it's turning out wonderfully!

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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, but so wonderfully worth it, Lori... he's fantastic!!! He is coming along fabulously!

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Oh, you are all too nice. I appreciate the support! Now that I'm done with the hard part, I'm having WAY more fun doing the mosaic on the rest of him. I even managed to squeeze in an hour after work yesterday. I can't wait to see him done! And then the even funner part starts: Deciding which project I want to work on next! LOL My hubby wants it to be the bird bath, but a woman at work gave me a big tin of her stained glass remnants, and I've been dying to use some of them on a butterfly. Ohhh, so many projects, so little time!

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Oh, he is sooooo beautiful! You have done an incredible job so far!
I haven't done very many mosaics, but my current project where I'm filling in the background in a set pattern so lots of cutting to fit around the design is VERY Tedious. I think I'll stick to random backgrounds from now on.

Cant wait to see the sea monster finished. Maybe you could grout the inside of his mouth black to make the darker contrast.


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Thanks, Kathy! The black grout is an intriguing idea. I've never tried two color grouting before because I've always heard it's hard. That would make a really nice effect in this case, though. I might try it if I'm daring enough, LOL.

And now you've got me curious about your latest project. I hope you'll post pictures when it's done. I'll bet, though tedious, it will be lovely!

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Or just mosaic over what is there in his mouth? Looking GREAT! Keep it up! I LOVE 3d, it is my fav! I have done a lot of it and prefer it...just wait till you get to the grouting...just mooooosh it with your gloved hands! F.U.N.! I love that part...if Slow was doing it, she would have it done lickety split! She is FAST!!!

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Absolutely Beautiful!! Wow!!

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Thanks, Cathy!

Calamity, I do love the grouting piece best too. That's when you finally, really get to see what the piece looks like. And I don't know how Slow works so fast. I worked for over an hour the other night, and I only got a three inch section of his neck done. I did tell my husband that I'm overthinking the "random" pieces and I need to stop spending so much time trying to make it as tight as possible. I could work a little faster and the difference wouldn't even be noticeable. So that's my goal this weekend. We'll see if I can manage it! heh

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Wow this is going to be so awesome when it is finished!

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I covered a large set of deer antlers and a taxidermy deer head. It took 500 hours and 10,000 pieces of glass. The most work was concaving the back of almost all the glass so it would sit flat on the curves instead of see-sawing.

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Wow, that sounds like a job, but also a really interesting project. Do you have pictures? I would love to see it.

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I am so loving this!!! I spend to much time on making it fit I am trying not to be to perfect .Ha!!!!!

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LOL yes. I have to continually repeat to myself, "That one works, go with it and move on!" I have to constantly fight off, "But what if there's another one here that works even better?"

I blame my mother. She would never let me just walk in a store and buy school clothes. We had to look at ALL the stores first, see what everyone had, then go back and buy my favorites. And I end up applying that principle to lots of things--like mosaics. (What if one of the other pieces is even better? This is the first one I tried. I can't go with the first one I tried!) It's horrible! But I am working hard to deprogram myself. LOL

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Absolutely love what you are doing!! It will be totally worth it in the end....can't wait to see it! I overthink things too and found that I am too much of a perfectionist when placing pieces of tesserae, but am trying to get past that! :)

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The hardest thing I ever mosaiced was a Moose skull w/horns. I had to get in every position possible short of stnding on my head to mosaic him. But it was worth the hassle...here's a link

Here is a link that might be useful:

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WOWOW Cathy, that moose skull is beautiful! When you described it, I couldn't picture it (I was thinking it had fur, LOL). This is really amazing. I like the southwestern pattern you put on it, and the accents on the horns. Makes it very appropriate. Nice work! I can completely understand why that would be a hassle, but you're right, it was worth it!

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