What type of sander do I need?

1929SpanishJanuary 12, 2012

Hi. Newbie here.

I need to buy a sander, but I don't know what type. I have a number of projects that will require some hand sanding, but a power sander would be really nice. I'd also prefer something lightweight and easy to use - meaning I can't mess something up too bad.

Here are my projects:

1. Currently refinishing an old french door. Have stripped 5 coats of paint and am down to a base coat "soaked" into the wood. Need to sand and paint.

2. Pine dining room table. Will be stripping varnish (this will be another post), and waxing.

3. Oak sewing table. Will be removing unknown finish and painting.

4. Future projects include an antique dresser and bookshelf.


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okay...weird...my post disappeared and reappeared. Sorry for the double post.

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A rotary sander is your ticket. 5" or 6". Varialbe speed is best.

5 coats will be a chore for any sander under a hundred bucks and will make a lot of dust. Really bad news if any of the layers have lead in them. Stripping first may be a better idea.

One that hooks up to a vacuum is the best, but could mean another tool purchase because you don't want to use the lady of the house's vac.

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+1 on the random orbit sander (ROS) and on the variable speed, soft start.

I have a Bosch that I've had for 20 years and like it. I got a great deal on a Festool a few years ago, and it is very nice. I'm not sure it's three times as nice as the Bosch to justify the price difference.

I've used some single-speed Dewalt and Porter-Cable and found that they very easily gouged the wood, a problem I've never had with the sanders I own.

My pad sander has been sitting on the shelf since I got the ROS.

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