my bank!

bettycbowenAugust 2, 2008

I'm finally home and in front of a computer, so I can properly thank adaisy777 for my AWESOME bank! I also want to show the piece of art it will live next to -

you see, around here, potatohead is kind of a local icon, since Cushing is home to artist/printmaker Rob Smith who has used this character in his work for many many years. So - I was a perfect person for this bank! Rob hasn't seen it yet, he will be jealous.

And Rob's - this is apparently an actual historical event

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That was worth waiting for, awesome job adaisy!!!

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I'm so glad you liked it...did you see what's inside?

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Too cute! Great job adaisy! Soooo, what's in it, hmmmmm?

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What's in it, is giant glass jewels including a couple of very cool thick stars (I've never seen these before), and a "change of face" for potatohead! I hope this pic shows it ok.

While I'm at it, Cathy asked me to post a photo of her amazing bank - she brought it over to my house last night for a visit. I think her artist's name is Ramona, forgive me if I'm wrong - I think she posted the photo also, since I definitely remember the tail ruffle! The colors are very beautiful. Gold metallic grout. We thought she looked good on a scarf I brought back from Venice.

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I just have to do a Potatoe Head now!
Too cute!
Great surprises inside!
That classy pig needs a name!

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adaisy, you have a wonderful sense of humor and I love that you included another face. Geez, what will all of you think of next? What a great thing that this piece went to Bettyc under the circumstances. How fun!

From another daisy(me)!

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adaisy. Great idea and wasn't it so cool that it went to Bettyc who can really appreciate her local flavor.

And yes, I remember that frilly piggy with cool pierced ears!1 ANd that blanket it the background looks like they were made for each other.

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