HandyMan Club of America ??

Pooh BearJanuary 9, 2007

I got some mail today from HandyMan Club of America.

I got an invitation to join (at $12 per year).

The literature says they send out products to members to be

tested and fill out a questionaire about it and then you

get to keep the tool you send you.

Plus you get a magazine subscription and full use of their website.

Anyone here know anything about this organization.

I'm tempted to send in the card and see what it is about.

If I don't like it, I'm only out $12. Gotta be worth that.

Whatcha think about it.


Pooh Bear

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I used get such offers from them, right around the time a relative bought me a subscription to Family Handyman magazine. They sent me so much junk mail that I was afraid to encourage them by replying to any of it. :\

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Junk, IMHO.

However, my brother likes it---or did several years ago.

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I like it, my tester was a smaller item but the mag is worth the money.

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Pooh Bear

I decided not to join.


Pooh Bear

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I have been a member for a number of years. I like the magazine. It is worth the $12. It is not as detailed as some magazines and I can usually get through it quite quickly. An easy, enjoyable read.

On the testing side - It makes sense for them to start out sending you small items. They can judge how you do in your evaluation to determine if they want to send more. It would be foolish to send out products with a price tag in the thousands to someone that you don't even know if they will actually respond back or even give a proper evaluation.

I did receive a couple of tiny things to test. And I did as I was instructed and wrote what I thought of the products, good and bad. It has probably been over two years now and I have not been invited back to test. It was kind of fun. I don't know if they didn't like my evaluations or my name fell off of their tester list.

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Hey there Poohbear 2767, I checked the little box to Join their club... Then I got a bill for $349... I swear I got a letter that said they were giving me a complimentary lifetime membership... I must have read it wrong or they pulled a fast one... I refused to pay for it and now I have a mark on my credit... and I NEVER received anything to test! Trying to contact their "Customer Service" is a real joy! Sorry, but I feel I have been wronged!

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Some info from the BBB:
Additional DBA Names:
Cooking Club of America
Creative Home Arts Club
Handyman Club Of America
National Health & Wellness Club
National Home Gardening Club
Original Business Start Date: June 1978
Principal: Ms. Nancy Evensen, President
Customer Contact: Mr. Mark Anderson, Member Services Supv.
TOB Classification: Clubs
BBB Membership: This company is not a member.

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Received a inveitation to join your club. And receive two free gifts. The bucket tool holder and the three piece screw remover. Lost or misplaced the application before I could send it back

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