Making Tesserae?!

Calamity_JAugust 29, 2009

Just had an idea...I was looking at a e flyer from Micheals and there was a cake decorating blurb...what if a person was to make their own mortar flowers for outside?!!! With it either painted or the mortar ...or grout...tinted!? hmmmm...what say ya'll?!

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Are you challenging us??? LOL

Do ya think you could put thick enough mortar in those of those bags and pipe a design? Hmmmm, very interesting idea!

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It would probably work. Getting the right consistancy would be the trick. I bet you should try it. You Janey Bo can do ANYTHING. Just look at that throne.

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gardencrone are a GENIUS! What a great idea. If it works for frosting...why not for cement, grout, whatever? If it can be piped, it would just be the shrinkage in drying so that it wouldn't crack...I would think. Inspired! If that is true, just think of what this forum is going to get into....boggles the mind. Anybody got the stuff to try this? Keep us posted.

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I may have to get a cheap set of piping stuff and try it...ohhhh, the possibilities!!!

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Oh Lordie, another adventure.
I love this place!

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I have done it before .I used to work for a bakery got the one they no longer used .It is great for thinset thing I just hated washung them out so I went back to using the zip log bags.Girls you can make all kinds of things with a cookie cuters out of thin set .The ideas are endless .Also I make a lot of things out of candie and soap molds with ts .

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Nanatricia..thanks for piping in with the comments!lol!!!heh heh! But seriously...this is sounding really good to me...oh I gotta get to a thrift store/dollar store and get some icing sets!!!

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I used to decorate cakes in my younger years.But I hated that they took so much time to make but disappeared in a real short time.I think that's why I love mosaics so much..they last endlessly. Anyway if I can find the STUFF in the shed I too have what's needed to give it a try. I can't see any reason why it wouldn't work. That is excatly how the ceramic ones are made!!!!! Give me a few days and I'll see if I can dig it out of wherever it's hiding...I'm sure it will work Calam!!!!!!!!!!

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Calamity...yes you can do it, I have! Just make sure you have no lumps to "clog" the tips etc. and that it is thin enough to "work".
I used to do this and paint over them etc.This is also done and glued onto tiles etc. for dimension painting.

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You KNOW how mixed up my mind is right now - so you're not gonna nudge me over the edge - you'll just take a bulldozer and make it happen. GREAT idea - FLAG - you gonna try this? Oh, yeah - speaking of the throne.......................

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Oh I have to see this!
Now who is nudgin who Cathy? LOL!

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