Ok to have sub-panel from sub-panel?

mabrodisFebruary 11, 2011

A friend of mine is doing a addition on his house and garage and we have some electrical questions. (All of this is done by building permit, so will be inspected, etc, but to save money his electrical contractor is letting him plan out and do a large part of the electrical work).

We are putting a sub-panel in the new garage area, it will have welders, hydraulic lifts and what-not attached to it. We have a sub-panel in the basement already (powers furnaces, A/C unit, etc) which was installed by the builder of the home.

Is there any code reason we couldn't run our new sub-panel off the existing sub-panel in the basement? I understand load-wise it may not work anyway, but more curious code-wise at the moment.

The city this is being done in (and therefore inspection regulations) uses the 2008 NEC as their standard, if that matters.



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Ron Natalie

Yes, as long as you've go the load issues right, there's no problem running a sub from a sub. My house will have six panels that are effectively subpanels off the main subpanel which is distinct fro the Service disconnect.

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