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kimcocoJune 11, 2007

We have an old 1920's Tudor with the original small basement windows that basically "pop out" of the frame once you remove the hook lock (like the old hooks you have on a screen door)on each side. The inside window has two sash locks - one on each side, and this window is basically on hinges on the upper portion, so when I open it it opens upward toward the ceiling. Very old fashioned.

I'm looking to replace two of these with something more secure, but I don't want to go with glass block. I still want to be able to open the windows for a fire exit.

Any recommendations on what company to go with that offers security glass?

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Most major window manufacturers offer laminated glass. My suggestion would be to look at installing sliders or awning windows.

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The windows you have are called Awning windows. In most cases they are around 30" wide by 14" tall. These aren't the best windows to try and escape a fire through. In my case I'd never get out that tiny window. My big old bodies running up the stairs through the flames and out the door to escape! In most cases we always make one of these windows a true Fire Egress window. This type of window offers more ventilation and light into the basement. It's also usually a casement window with tempered glass which makes it very secure. The other small window is usually changed to a sliding unit that's easier to operate and doesn't need any swing space to operate. Check your local city codes before you start. Most cities will require you to bring the basement windows up to code by adding an egress window if you start changing things. Good Luck!!!

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Thanks for the feedback.

We live in an old 1920's Tudor. Replacing the windows with bigger windows is not feasible without tearing apart the exterior of my home - not something that I plan to do, or that I'm interested in doing. If I wanted bigger basement windows, I'd have purchased a newer construction home. Doesn't appeal to me since it's not my style.

Windows can't be expanded upward because then it would be in my kitchen floor. It can't expand downward because then there would be a hole in the ground. It's not something that would improve the return on my investment, and the size windows we have are ample for a fire escape for my family. The rest of the windows are glass block, but we left these two as fire exits.

I want to replace the existing windows, not do major re-construction on my home. I'm really looking for something with more security features, i.e. tempered glass.

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It's a window, with the inherent weaknesses of glass with a wood/vinyl frame. Anybody with a small pry bar or a larger screwdriver will pop the "lock" on that faster then you can put your key in the front door.
If you want it secure, put up a metal bar or grate you can open. Anything else is just a waste of money.
Best deterent is an good alarm system (or a big dog).

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Does a Chihuahua count as a deterrent? He's only 4.7 pounds, but thinks he's a Rotweiller.

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If he makes enough noise he might be a very effective deterrent...

I have a 105lb rottweiller who is a deterrent only in the sense if he lays in front of the door it is next to impossible to open it from the outside.

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I got 5 Chihuahua"s. They start barking if a leaf rolls across the front yard. It gets a little nuts sometimes as they are very protective. They make a lot of noise but headaches will occur with to much barking. But you know when someone's around!!!

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