Swamp cooler wall controls

eichlerguyFebruary 17, 2010

Hello, all,

I'm looking to relocate my roof-mounted swamp cooler's controls from the ceiling-mounted diffuser, where it currently resides, to a nearby wall. I've found wall-mounted rotary switches online, like this: http://www.comfortgurus.com/product_info.php/products_id/584.

My question is: is anyone aware of such a thing in a Decora format? I'd love to get it in next to an existing Decora light switch.


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Ron Natalie

Unfortunately I don't think I've ever seen such (and a quick web search yields nothing). What you can do if a regular (non-decora) light switch plate will fit over the shaft of the thing (probably does) and if so, you can get switch plates that will have one decora-sized hole and one regular light switch style hole (they sell them for bathrooms where there's a conventional switch and a GFCI). Obviously, you'll have to come up with the labelling yourself.

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If you live in an area were swamp coolers are extensively used, the local electrical supply houses might be able to help you.

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