Side board top Need ideas

bebobAugust 13, 2009

I'm a beginner and a looker in this site. I felt I could never do what you ladies have done. Will it's time. I think I have the courage to start. I will take pictures tonite so you may understand what I'm trying to do. I have been renovating my bathroom, I'm using an old side board with vessel and bowl sink. I have checked around for a top to protect the wood finish. Glass was $600.00 for a 64 X 18 1/2 sheet. Mable is 500.00. So thought how about cermic tile and mosaic around it. Was told not because it would break. Now I need your help. Please think about it till tomorrow when I can get the pictures. It's been awhile on how to post Thank you all you lovely ladies.

Indiana Betty

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Easy smeasy. Get a piece of 1/4" backerboard (cement board from Lowes or Home Depot), cut it to fit the top of your sideboard, adhere it w/thinset, and mosaic your heart out. Welcome to the forum and to an obsessive hobby, and yes, you can do it - it's easy, and we'll help you all the way. Anxious to see pictures.

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How exciting! I can't wait for the pictures!

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Thank you so much for the encouragement. My camera is in sick bay. So hubby will work on it tonite. Have pictures this weekend to you.
Slow what a great idea. I thought of something like that when I left the tile place but the guy said it would not work. All I keep thinking was he just wants to sell me a 500.00 peice of marble.
Slow on the worm you made what was the mold? Dry vent to make the curve? I would like to make one for around my poud.
Have a great day
Indiana Betty

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BEBOB: My tile store owner told me I couldn't mosaic my front walk too, but it's been there four years, and is still in perfect condition, except the second one where I mosaiced over a crack and didn't patch it first. The serpent was bought from a concrete man not far away, and he has the mold. I have seen the same one somewhere for sale - don't remember where. Make one from the wire mesh/concrete - w/be very easy.

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I would just ad to Slow's comments and say that I use special screws to screw the hardibacker to the surface. The only trick to them is that you have to drill so that the screw goes all the way down into the backerboard so that it is level. When I did our drainboards I didn't use thinset to adhere, just the screws and it is not going anywhere...they sell the screws by the hardi backerboard...

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Welcome betty, Your project sounds really great!!!

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Here it is
Going to get tiles Wish me luck
Indiana Betty

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Oh man no pic.
Dont listen to them! We have learned to do it and it works just great.
funny story-at work they put up some fancy tiles outside, they put down a sort of backing paper stuff and then used mastic to adhere the tiles.1 year later they are now redoing it....and still using mastic to adhere the tiles. I asked the guy why he was using that instead of thinset and he said it would last for years. The next day one of the tiles fell off he put on the day before. I took it to him and told him to use thinset unless he wanted to redo it next year.....heck maybe he needs the business! And he is a professional contractor!

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